Photographer: Chernise Taylor

Location: Chicago

Photography Specialties: Experiential Events + Brand Activations + Lifestyle 

Established: 2018

Expertise: Over a decade working in the Live Events 

Camera Brand: I currently love shooting with Sony 

Creative Style: My photography style is fresh, clean + modern. I utilize bright colors to convey upbeat + exciting vibes.

Behind the scenes: I'm always laughing or smiling about something.

Ask me about: My 2 cats. Only ask if you're prepared to see at least 10 cute photos of them. You've been warned!

Favorite Activities:  Lover of classic games like Connect Four, Uno, Skee-Ball + Air Hockey.

Words that have been used to describe me: Funny + quirky


Since 2007, I've worked freelance in event production and the experiential marketing field. I've helped execute programs with hundreds of the world's most iconic + well-known brands representing automotive, technology, beauty, healthcare, media, hospitality, entertainment, fashion, and food + beverage. My work has taken me all over the US and abroad, working as a Product Specialist, Brand Ambassador, Field Marketing Manager, and Emcee. During that time, I also worked as an agency-represented model and actress. 

Through my career history is where I developed my passion for production + live events. It has also provided me with a unique perspective that I now utilize behind the camera. With all my experience in live events, it's safe to say I know how to skillfully navigate any event to produce the images you want and need. I pride myself on creating fun + upbeat atmospheres wherever my camera takes me. It's incredible to witness an empty event space transform into an out-of-this-world experience. I admire the creative teams that conjure up ideas and execute the most creative activations.

I Can't Wait To Capture Moments That Tell Your Brand Story!

Your event images will be high-quality marketing assets that will create eye-catching content for your company + the brand. 


Photos By Chernise is a Chicago-based event photography service that photographs brand experiences. Showcase your events with outstanding images of brand ambassadors, staff in action, consumer interactions, performances, speakers, presentations, decor, locations, vendors, and any of the other pieces of the puzzle that make your event unique! 

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